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Amanda Wheeler

Amanda Wheeler is a landscape and seascape artist based at Steephill Cove.

"Living here surrounded by this incredible coastline gives me an unlimited source of inspiration for my acrylic landscape paintings. I'm fascinated by the way a subject is forever changing depending on tide, season and the elements, bright and colourful at times or soft and atmospheric at others. I'm also really into mountains and cliffs with all the drama they bring with their bold lines of strata and strength, so different from the gentle coves here on my doorstep. I like to add a semi-abstract aspect to my work which comes from how I feel about a place too." 

Amanda is based at Steephill Cove or St Lawrence at her studio;  binnelstudios.com 

To view more of her work or exhibition info' see the Instagram link below, Seaviewart.co.uk or contact ajwsteephillcove@gmail.com